San Simeon, California

The Hearst Castle Theater is truly an amazing movie experience as it features the destination film “Hearst Castle: Building the Dream.” Its iWERKS screen is eight times the size of conventional movie screens, delivering unforgettable, breathtaking images, as extravagant as the castle itself. The 400-seat theater is equipped with 7-channel, digital surround sound, which, along with the screen’s startlingly realistic visual images, creates a sense of motion and interaction with the movie.

The theater also features a number of artifacts in the lobby including 17th century tapestries and other items collected by William Randolph Hearst.

The DCI produced “Hearst Castle: Building the Dream” shot in 70mm and mastered in 8K for the giant screen captivates audiences with Europe’s spectacular architectural wonders, the foundation for the dream that became Hearst Castle. Inspired by his many trips to Europe’s finest castles, William Randolph Hearst created an architectural masterpiece that he furnished with priceless art treasures from around the world. “Hearst Castle: Building the Dream” tells this story.

The Hearst Castle film is included in the Experience tour of the Hearst Castle which is purchased by 75% of castle attendees.

Opened: 1997
Partnership with California State Parks
Mandatory Combination Ticket model

Results: Over 80% of customers state that viewing the Hearst Castle film significantly enhanced their overall experience at Hearst Castle. Within the first year of reopening, attendance increased 210%.

Excellent Presentation and Content! First-Class Theater!! Don’t skip the movie! It takes about 45 minutes but is well worth your time. Go before your tour(s) if you can. An outstanding presentation that left us wanting more.

– Tripadvisor

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