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A Full-Service Destination Entertainment Solution


Who We Are

Destination Cinema, Inc. (DCI) is a pioneer in the destination theater industry and continues to develop innovative ways for tourism venues around the world to drive traffic, enhance the visitor experience, stimulate greater visitor satisfaction, and improve profitability.

The Destination Cinema Vision

Our vision is to create business opportunities by fulfilling visitor needs and aspirations at some of the world’s most important destinations. Our films, exhibits, and operations help visitors have a better experience and create opportunities for additional services and retail. We work to build mutually beneficial partnerships that add to the interpretive experience and improve profitability.

We also work to build mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse group of partners that share the goal of finding innovative approaches to improving the guest experience at some of the greatest destinations in the world.

Our Mission

Providing entertaining, educational experiences that enhance people’s knowledge of events and places of historical, scientific, and geographical significance.

What We Do

At Destination Cinema, we aspire to long-term, “win-win” partnerships founded on integrity and fairness. And we are committed to providing only the highest quality experiences and services.

Destination Cinema is the largest commercial operator of destination theaters in North America hosting over 2.5 million customers a year. Our strength lies in a deep understanding of what drives the motivations of a typical visitor and our ability to create partnerships with valued entertainment brands including IMAX and National Geographic. In fact, Destination Cinema is directly affiliated with National Geographic Television and Film through a long-term licensing agreement and various joint ventures.

In bringing these entities to the table and weaving together the complimentary attributes and services of diverse organizations, Destination Cinema helps destinations to enhance the visitor experience in ways that most venues are not able to achieve independently

On average, National Park Services, State Parks, and government institutions that partner with Destination Cinema show a proven increase in profit and visitation. We are leaders in this category and have a very successful track record over the past 24 years at destination locations hosting over 40 million tourists a year.

Destination Cinema services include:
•    Design and operation of large format theaters and entertainment centers
•    Development of interpretive programs and exhibits
•    Design and operation of themed Destination retail
•    Design and operation of food services and concessions
•    Design and operation of Sightseeing tours
•    Provision of tourist information services

At Destination Cinema, our management team prides itself on its ability to collaboratively work with each client as an individual entity and provide innovative entertainment solutions that best address the venue’s particular situation. Destination Cinema can work with a destination to increase profitability, streamline operations, improve perceived value, and explore new opportunities in food and retail.

Destination Cinema also provides a number of other core competencies including:

Retail Management
The majority of DCI theaters contain National Geographic Stores, reinforcing the Company’s affiliation with a well-known brand, while providing an upscale consumer experience that is lacking in most museum and attraction gift shops. Furthermore, we have learned what motivates consumers at our theaters and which items they are likely to buy. These efforts are coordinated by our Corporate Retail Management Team who is responsible for selection of merchandise, in store merchandising, retail promotion, and yield management.

Food and Beverage Management
DCI managers are experienced in food service operations ranging from “fast food” to typical theater concessions. Key elements of our food and beverage profit management include:
•    Inventory management to avoid waste and spoilage
•    Purchasing expertise to control costs
•    Point-of-sale systems that provide standard costing
•    Aggressive yet competitive menu pricing

Management Team

The Destination Cinema senior management team includes:

Bob Perkins, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Perkins is responsible for the overall management of DCI’s theater and film operations, as well as new business development. He came to DCI in 1999 after a 30-year career in the hospitality and entertainment industries, holding senior management and marketing positions at Brunswick Corporation, Outrigger Hotels, Sands Hotels & Casinos, and Marriott Hotels.

Paul Nielson, Chief Financial Officer

With over 25 years experience in corporate finance and accounting, Mr. Nielson oversees DCI’s financing activities, budgets, financial reporting and analysis, taxes, payroll, accounts payable/receivable and contracts. Prior to joining DCI, Mr. Nielson worked in corporate and international accounting for a global training company.

Sean Nilsson, Director, Digital Marketing

Mr. Nilsson has over 20 years experience working with attraction based properties. He is responsible for online and in-theatre video display for the various Destination Cinema attractions.  Social Media, email communications, online media and web development are also included within his portfolio.  Prior to joining Destination Cinema, Mr. Nilsson worked at IMAX Corporation in a marketing management capacity for 10+ years.

Marie Zirk, APR, Marketing Consultant

Ms. Zirk joined Destination Cinema in 2000 and is responsible for assisting our theatre teams in positioning and marketing their theatres with traditional advertising as well as providing media and public relations services. Ms. Zirk held the position of Theatre Director in Victoria and has decades of experience in the newspaper industry.

Thomas Wyss, Film Distribution

Mr. Wyss joined DCI in 2018 . With over 18 years experience in large format film marketing and distribution he overseas the company’s library films and acts as an advisor on new film ventures. Prior to joining DCI, Mr. Wyss worked at IMAX Corporation as a film distribution executive in Canada and the United States.

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