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DCI’s library contains nine giant-screen films, which have broken industry box office records, received Academy Award nominations, and been noted by industry professionals as among the top giant-screen films for educational and entertainment value. The Giant Screen Theater Association ranked Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets, Whales, and Mysteries of Egypt as among the top six educational giant-screen films of all time. Covering a broad array of topics, DCI’s films are available in a variety of languages and film formats.

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In partnering with National Geographic and IMAX, Destination Cinema currently has the following films in release:

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

Grand Canyon The Hidden SecretsA spectacular and timeless adventure, “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets” takes audiences on an in-depth exploration of one of the world’s most extraordinary sites. Winner of the 2000 IMAX Hall of Fame award and seen by over 200 million people, this giant screen film captures the Grand Canyon’s immense beauty, giving viewers a unique chance to forge the canyon’s depths and experience what they could never see on their own — from a thrilling flight over the canyon’s span to a wild whitewater-rafting ride.

Formats Available: 15/70, 10/70, 8/70
Length: 37 minutes
Now Playing at the Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center

Niagara: Miracles Myths & Magic

Niagara Falls IMAX MovieDaredevils and awestruck explorers play out a drama against the backdrop of the thundering Niagara Falls in Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic. From a rivet-popping steamship ride through whirlpool rapids to the heart-stopping plunge of a young boy who survived the 150-foot drop, Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic examines the lure and majesty of this natural wonder.

Formats Available: 8/70, 15/70
Length: 40 minutes
Now Playing at the Niagara IMAX Theatre

Hearst Castle: Building the Dream

Hearst Castle MovieHigh above the majestic central California coast rises an enchanted castle, a special place created from the dreams of one man, William Randolph Hearst. Inspired by his many trips to Europe’s finest castles, Hearst created an architectural masterpiece that he furnished with priceless art treasures from around the world. “Hearst Castle – Building the Dream” captivates audiences with Europe’s spectacular architectural wonders, the foundation for the dream that became Hearst Castle.

Formats Available: 4K digital, mastered in 8K for the giant screen.
Length: 39 minutes
Now Playing at The Hearst Castle Theater

Mysteries of Egypt

Mysteries of Egypt“Mysteries of Egypt” transports audiences to a distant time and place where the Nile River Valley cuts an emerald swath through the desert sands. With its dedicated team of scientists, “Mysteries of Egypt” explores the magnificent architectural feats, awe-inspiring legends, and amazing history of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Float down the lush Nile and soar over the Valley of the Kings, as stars Omar Sharif and Kate Maberly (“The Secret Garden”) explore the latest discoveries and uncover many of the mysteries that surround these ancient peoples. $100 million in gross box office make this film one of the most successful .

Formats Available: 15/70, 10/70, 8/70, 4K Digital
Length: 40 minutes


Whales IMAX movieHaving amassed almost $50 million in box office receipts, Whales plunges audiences to ocean depths where they witness the sights, sounds, and survival of the world’s largest mammal. The film immerses audiences in an underwater world of muted light and color, dominated by sound. Viewers follow blue, humpback, orca, right whales, and dolphins in their ancient migratory journeys, discovering how their amazing ability to hear and send calls over thousands of miles guides their feeding, breeding, navigation, and socialization.

Formats available: 15/70, 8/70
Length: 35 minutes

Hidden Hawai

Hidden HawaiiWitness the fiery birth of Loihi, the newest Hawaiian island, 4,000 feet beneath the surface of the ocean, and scale the highest sea cliffs in the world in search of the rare Alula plant. Discovered by the Polynesians centuries ago, Hawaii has seen dramatic changes since its exploration by Europeans. “Hidden Hawaii” details the struggle to maintain a balance in this delicate ecosystem where much remains unexplored and unknown. Director: Robert Hillmann. Producer: Richard James, Andrew Gellis.

Formats Available: 15/70, 8/70
Length: 34 minutes

To Be An Astronaut

To Be An AstronautFollow the exciting story of astronaut training from the acceptance call from NASA, through the rigors of training, to the vast expanses of space as the NASA team prepares for the precise, intense drama of space flight. Shot entirely on location, “To Be An Astronaut” stars the brave men and women of the astronaut corps. Join them as they share the wonder and the deep personal reflections of what it means “To Be An Astronaut.”

Formats available: 15/70, 10/70, 8/70
Length: 23 minutes



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